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IE VW/AUDI DSG (DQ250) Transmission Tune | Fits VW MK6 GTI MK6 R & Scirocco R, Jetta, GLI, & Audi 8J TTS


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IE VW/AUDI DSG (DQ250) Transmission Tune | Fits VW MK6 GTI MK6 R & Scirocco R, Jetta, GLI, & Audi 8J TTS

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Regular Price: $929.00

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The IE DSG Tune for your VW MK6 GTI, Jetta, GLI, or Audi 8J TTS 2.0T delivers increased power, higher RPM limit, faster shifts, optimized shift points, adjustable launch control, and additional transmission performance features when paired with a matching ECU tune. Acceleration times will greatly improve turning your tuned 2.0T TSI into a fully rounded performance monster. 


  • Lightning fast gear shifts
  • Higher shift points of 6800 RPM
  • Kick down in manual mode eliminated
  • Lag time reduced when starting off in first gear
  • Multiple launch RPMs: 3200, 3400, 3600, 3800, 4000
  • Drive shift mapping entirely reworked with an enthusiast in mind
  • Flashed directly through OBD-II Port (No TCU removal required)
  • Works flawlessly with an IE ECU tune
  • Increased clutch pressure on tap for higher torque without slip
  • Temperature protection remains for safety
  • Gear hunting reduced
  • Gearbox “Torque Limiters” removed


The IE DSG Tune for the MK6 2.0T TSI has been carefully set up to make the car way more fun to drive. It completely reworks the shift point mapping in both drive and sport. The transmission will no longer lug the engine in drive mode. Clutch clamping forces are increased so the transmission can safely handle much more power. Shifts are much, much faster taking time directly off the 0-60 and ¼ mile times.  


IE’s TCU/DSG tune is all-inclusive and does not offer expensive upgrades. That’s right, there are no unnecessary upgrade charges and all features are included from the outset. A great deal of sportiness is added from the tune while maintaining factory smoothness and driveability. More aggressive launches and faster shifts are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Also, expect acceleration and 0-60 times to improve from faster shifting. DSG tune requires a matching ECU Tune, do not install on stock ECU tunes. 


The purchase of an IE DSG file grants you access to customization of launch points. With several launch points to choose from you can pick what works best for your setup!

Available Launch Control RPMs:

  • 3200 RPM
  • 3400 RPM
  • 3600 RPM
  • 3800 RPM
  • 4000 RPM


Utilize the whole powerband of your 2.0 TSI engine without the DSG interfering and shifting early.

The MK6 2.0 TSI DSG is designed to a fault to keep engine rpm extremely low in drive. We completely reworked this, creating a more enthusiast-friendly drive mapping which shifts a bit higher. This eliminates vibration and that constant feeling that you’re lugging the engine. We’ve reworked the downshifting aspect as well, making the transmission much quicker to deliver power when you need it. Thousands of miles of testing were accumulated and a variety of users were polled to come up with this improved drive mode.

Increasing the clutch pressure allows for the transmission to hold more torque without causing clutch damage or expedited wear. With the increased torque, the acceleration will be greatly increased and launches will far more aggressive.

There’s no need to remove the TCU from the car and it can be flashed in your driveway or through an IE software dealer. Additionally, having an IE PowerLink cables means you can install updates are they become available as well as read TCU and ECU fault codes.

The clutch engagement has been reworked to reduce that annoying “DSG Lag” when moving away from a stop.

The purchase of an IE DSG file grants you access to customization of launch points. With several launch points to choose from you can pick what works best for your setup!

The kick down switch is disabled in manual shift mode, ensuring you stay in the gear you’ve selected, even during hard launches or over bumpy terrain

The IE DSG Tune and ECU Tune were developed side by side on our in-house dynamometer. By running both tunes you will unlock the full potential of your 2.0 TSI engine and transmission.


  • VW - MK6 GTI 2010-2014 (MK6) 2.0T EA888 Gen1/2 TSI engines
  • VW - MK6 Golf R 2012-2013 (MK6) 2.0T EA113* 
  • VW - MK6 Scirocco R 2012-2013 (MK3) 2.0T EA113*
  • VW - MK6 Jetta 2011-2013.5 (MK6) 2.0T EA888 Gen1/2 TSI engines*
  • VW - MK6 GLI 2011-2013.5 (MK6) 2.0T EA888 Gen 1/2 TSI engines*
  • AUDI - TTS 2008-2015 (8J) 2.0T TFSI EA113 engines

*This DSG calibration is for 2.0T TSI EA888 Gen 1 & 2 engines only. Many Jetta and GLI models are equipped with a new engine variation (EA888 Gen 3) after 2013.5 and
later.  This tune does NOT support Gen 3 model engine TCUs. Please verify if your engine is an EA888 Gen 1/2 2.0T TSI or EA888 Gen 3 2.0T TSI tune before ordering. 

IE DSG tunes are available only for vehicles equipped with 6 speed DSG (DQ250) transmissions. Does not function with manual 6-speed transmission cars.

*Please contact us to confirm that a DSG file is available for your vehicle by providing us with your VIN #, prior to purchase. 

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